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By applying these simple best-practices, you can easily double or triple your memorization abilities. There are hundreds of thousands of free pre-made decks available for free..
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tags: Descriptive Essay Example Strong Essays 1000 words (2.9 pages) Preview - The Courthouse When we are young, most of us are somewhat naive. Many words..
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Parents should become their kids best friends essay

parents should become their kids best friends essay

you cant simply come out and say, Dont call that teacher a jerk anymore. If parents think teachers are in error, they should keep that to themselves and their peers and deal with the school directly. In reaction to deficits you saw in your own parents, you form a way of parenting thats not healthy for you or for your child. I feel very fortunate that my children are my best friends, and its not a forced thing, because I know that the results are great by the way that they act for an 11 and 13-year-old. Thats the type of friend you need to be to your child. With an eight-year-old, the functional role involves getting homework done.

Parents can build close, personal relationships with their kids and still. A parent should be the one person a child feels he can talk to abo. Not being overprotective, letting their child go to the house of a friend. Parents can be friends with their kids, but never ideal f riends or confidantes.

This can be characterized as a reaction formation. But its the childs job to work through that. But the fact is, you and your child are not co-decision makers in any realistic way. If you think the teachers an idiot for not letting essay projects your child chew gum in the room, you can be your kids best friend and say, Thats a stupid rule and that teachers a jerk. Its a very well-meaning trap that parents fall into. Or you can be a functional parent and say, Boy, I really disliked that rule when I was in school too. The constructs that get studied are things like instrumental aid, helping each other to solve problems; intimacy; nurturance; affection; enhancing worth, or making the other person feel better; and being a reliable companion, he says. Parents today really want their kids to be individuals they try and shape their values and decision-making skills, but they back off from the idea that they know better what these kids should be, should do, should think, says Coontz, the director of research and. If youre a millennial on any form of social media, youve probably seen the evidence: heartfelt posts popping up on birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers and Fathers Days, declaring that the posters parents arent just the best parents, but also their best friends. And yet my peers and I bestow declarations of friendship on our parents like a badge of honor like their love has been amplified and elevated by the fact that they can give it while also being our pals. But kids are ultimately going to be warmer and more respectful if the parent is a parent. The opposite of enmeshment may be whats known as authoritative parenting parents who are nurturing, who respond to their kids emotional needs, but also provide structure and consistency in their lives.

Well, friends dont let friends not do their homework. I try the gentle, complimentary shrug-off: I dont really know, I say. But the way they point them outby treating the child as a confidanteempowers the child to attack them. They want to share with the child how they really feel about their grandmother.

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