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Through research and studying the consumers' lives the needs of the customer can be obtained and help fashion brands know what trends the consumers are ready..
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Model Assgts (iPPE) oppe07 Time Analysis: Partner Products iPPE oppe11 Profiles: iPPE WB Professional oppe12 Tabs: iPPE Workbench Professional oppe13 User Assgmt: iPPE WB Professional oppe14..
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Students addicted to social media essay

students addicted to social media essay

weblastEssays firstUK urlp? Other Related Health Issue Apart from all that being mentioned, there will be other related health issues such as blurry vision due to strain eyes as the result of long hours watching the screen. Though the result was as expected, few interesting responses were captured during the interview where six participants said that the social networking sites have full rights to change their settings as per their wish since the sites are used at no cost. Teenagers elevate their personalities using social networking media. They prefer to spend quality time with their lovers than to mindlessly scroll Facebook for updates. And when you spend most of your time on social media, you are spending your energy there. Many users prefer to interact over facebook only to avoid real societies and problems. Almost every addict will start their day with a morning routine of checking and pointlessly scrolling through what they have missed on social media after the long hours of sleep at night. One more result also come out it is not practically prove that social media addiction affects the life of teenagers. These rewards and the pleasure you receive from using social media will condition and program your mind to crave for more.

If you found yourself spending too much time on social media and are addicted to it, follow the advice above, get rid of the disorder and gain back the control over your life. Moreover, the teenager may feel good in different environments like in college, school. In a simple words social networking sites are just clouding the people with most advanced features as well as cost efficient services. Social media friendships lack that warmth. It can cause negative feelings like stress and anger. In conclusion, it makes people happy and high when they talk and think about themselves. Addiction to social media is very harmful. About nine participants respond quickly to the notification anytime. And whenever people give you a like or commented something on your post, it makes you feel great. There is a steep rise in the usage of social networking sites by youngsters.

All the participants were male students. In this report, addiction refers to a person addicted to any of social networking site. Symptoms of Social Media Addiction.

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